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Working with food is always a wonderful challenge.

As tasty as a vegetable, fruit or spice may be on the tongue - that it does look just as appetizing is crucial. Here, perspective and light have to be just right, since we're talking about natural products. Nevertheless, I personally work exclusively with real food - I do consider artificial substitutes to be deceptive. This does mean a lot more effort, as I have to meticulously carry out a shoot and schedule repetitions.

But the result impresses with authenticity and attractiveness.

Camillo Buechelmeier Produktfotograf Tomaten

Ripe but green tomatoes? Yes there is.

Many of the wild relatives of our cultivated tomato ripen green,  for example the Chilean wild tomato.  Or this breed of Cherokee.

Camillo Büchelmeier Foodfotografie Müsli

Four motifs from my series of art prints in the format 40 x 60 cm
on fine Fotorag paper are for sale in my online shop .

Camillo Büchelmeier Foodfotografie Aprikose
Camillo Büchelmeier Footdfotograf Limette
Camillo Büchelmeier Kunstdruck Quitten
Foodfotografie von Camillo Büchelmeier mit einer Zitronenscheibe

My photographs for the online shop of the premium manufacturer Kieslich Gewürze .

In the online store, impeccable photos ensure the purchase decision.

Camillo Büchelmeier Werbefotografie Joghurt Glas
Camillo Büchelmeier Werbefotograf Obst Gemüse

​Food photography can do much more than presenting food. I offer my clients a creative level to communicate abstract content that is difficult to depict. An example: jelly, which symbolizes unstable prices. Or a sailor's knot made of spaghetti that stands for a restaurant in Hamburg. A metaphorical visual language that can also be used to convey immaterial achievements and content in a good mood.

Camillo Büchelmeier Götterspeise

From my photo series for Bayern LB's customer magazine on the subject of "shaking prices". Creative idea in cooperation with Irene Wittmann.

Werbefotografie für ein Werbeplakat italienisches Restaurant mit Spaghetti von Camillo Büchelmeier

My photography for an advertising poster
of the Italian restaurant
"La Vela"
in the port district of Hamburg.

Camillo Büchelmeier Kunstdrucke Eis
Produktfotografie Hand mit Beere von Camillo Büchelmeier
Weihnachtsrätsel mit Plätzchen für von Camillo Büchelmeier

Christmas riddle
creatively illustrated:
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Photo series of tomatoes in water as part
of my guest contribution in the textbook "Object photography"
  from Rheinwerk Verlag (2021). 
»The book is undoubtedly one of the highlights of 2021 and definitely deserves a recommendation.«, December 2021

Produktfoto von Palabiernenbrot in Südtirol von Camillo Büchelmeier

Staged recording
of Pala pear bread in South Tyrol
for the magazine "Food & Farm" published by the Bavarian Landwirtschaftsverlag.

Camillo Büchelmeier Werbefotograf Kaugummikugeln
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