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The Stills

Objects may inherently be motionless matter.
But there is much more to them: the art of the photographer is to bring them to life. Therefore, this genre is called "still life". Or in short: “stills”. As early as the 17th century, painters were intensively concerned with telling a story with things. Today it is mainly product photography that aims to convey advantages and emotions: joy in a good product, enthusiasm for quality, new materials, sustainable production methods. It takes a lot more to capture that than perfectly illuminating an object and pressing the shutter button. For example, telling your product story visually in a unique way.

My product photos for S/O YELLOW COFFEE . A specialty coffee journey through the cities of the world. The visual idea matches the product story: Paperworks of the individual cities for creative packshots.

Paper Artist: Ollanski , Berlin

Camillo Buechelmeier Werbefotograf AVIA

My advertising photography for a point of sale poster: "Customer Incentives" at AVIA.

Inspired by the famous picture

"Dali Atomicus" by Philippe Halsman.

Product photography for the US magazine
Robb Report: Luxury sneakers on
High Speed Tartan.

Camillo Büchelmeier Sneaker grün
Camillo Büchelmeier Sneaker
Camillo Büchelmeier Zegna Sneaker
Camillo Büchelmeier Produktfoto Sneaker
Camillo Büchelmeier Sneaker

I was involved with theater set design in earlier years and was always fascinated by productions. How does a perspective change the impression? What is the best way to do justice to the surface, texture or material of an object when imaging? During five years as Hubertus Hamm's photo assistant, I gained insight into many techniques for making objects appear alive. In the time of my self-employment I have constantly developed my style of product photography. Regardless of whether an order is for a care product, a commodity or a design piece: I try to internalize the design language.
Questions I ask myself: Why did the designer choose this form and this material? Which details distinguish the product among others? By not only depicting the form, but also understanding it, I can optimally convey the expression of the object design.

Camillo Büchelmeier Produktdetail Kragen Luxushemd

Product photography for the editorial
"Simply The Best"
in the luxurious customer magazine
of the Lamborghini brand.

Werbefotografie für Roche Cobas von Camillo Büchelmeier

advertising photography
for biochemical laboratory diagnostics
from ROCHE medical technology:
Safety and robustness of diagnostics.

Camillo Büchelmeier Casio Armbanduhr
Camillo Buechelmeier Werbefotograf Hublot Uhr
Camillo Büchelmeier Werbefotografie Roger Dubuis Uhr
Camillo Büchelmeier Luxus Chronograph

Photographs for the US magazine
Robb report: 
Luxury chronographs of the upper class
photographed on ancient sculptures.

Camillo Büchelmeier Armbanduhr Produktfoto

Staged product photos:
The perfect craftsmanship
of the Munich metal designer
Sebastian Hepp speak for themselves.

Produktfotografie von MONO Mesh von Camillo Büchelmeier

The design manufactory MONO
creates this fine mesh.
A touch of steel
for cleaning kitchen utensils.

Camillo Buechelmeier Werbefotografie Besteck

Silver cutlery as an advertising photograph for the retailer PENNY.

Camillo Büchelmeier Spotlight Award Tennis
Produktfoto bunte geometrische Formen von Camillo Büchelmeier
Werbefotografie von Christbaumkugeln grün und rot von Camillo Büchelmeier
Camillo Buechelmeier Werbefotograf Check24

Advertising photography for
Landing page start image.


One of my many photographs
commissioned by the agency IN A NUTSHELL
for the corporate magazine
Allianz insurance.

Camillo Buechelmeier Sanyo Videobeamer Produktfoto
Camillo Büchelmeier Werbefotograf Sanyo Videobeamer

Two examples of my many 
Video projector product photos from SANYO GERMANY's home entertainment division.

Camillo Büchelmeier Werbefotografie BOSCH

A small excerpt from a large order: staged product photography
in a minimalistic reduced
kitchen architecture.

Camillo Büchelmeier Bosch Siemens Dampfgarer
Camillo Büchelmeier Fotografie WACKER Silpuran
Camillo Büchelmeier Werbefotograf Wacker

Two advertising photographs from my extensive photographic work
for WACKER Silpuran.
High purity silicones for medical applications.

Advertising photography
for TCM tea powder by Elements of Five staged in the context of botanical plant shadows

It is my aim to produce beautiful photos as a visual solution for your very specific needs. And thus to transport your individual content and emotions to the viewer.
Bringing out the radiance of an item with my experience and skill.
Successful image processing is an important part of my work. For me, product photography is always an overall process. So I don't just take photos to later edit the raw material accordingly. I already have the composition (composing) in mind when setting up my equipment. The result is the depiction of something special without distorting it. An approach that my clients appreciate in my product photos. In recent years, this has included well-known companies such as Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte, Ledvance, Check24 or Avia and well-known publications such as Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, Lamborghini Magazin, Cosmopolitan or Robb Report.

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