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Beauty and transience, high-quality cosmetics, a healthy complexion, natural body and dental care:  

the oldest subjects of mankind. Do you run a cosmetics company, a beauty editorial team, a jewelery manufacturer or a beauty influencer blog?

I have been photographing product photos for well-known brands and magazines for 15 years.

We should get to know each other. With my creative product photography, I can give your publications visual conciseness so that you can position yourself in a high-quality and unique way in the industry.

Camillo Buechelmeier Werbefotograf Bottega Veneta

Creative photos for the large posters of the Cosmopolitan Prix de Beauté. They were also featured on a total of 16 pages in Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Camillo Büchelmeier John Frieda
Camillo Büchelmeier Biotherm

Beauty is not just in the eye of the beholder. Do you run a cosmetics company or a beauty influencer blog? I shoot motifs for you that clearly set your page apart from the others.

Photographing textures is a wonderful way to show the consistency and purity of your products. Whether creamy and rich, like here - or transparent and light.

Camillo Büchelmeier Werbefotografie kosmetische Textur
Camillo Büchelmeier Produktfoto Creme
Camillo Büchelmeier Fotografie von Kosmetik
Camillo Buechelmeier Teethlovers

The sustainable ones

Dental care products from teethlovers

I conceived and photographed as product photography and animated GIF.

Produktfoto Zahnputzpulver Beauty Kosmetikprodukt von Camillo Büchelmeier

This skinshot photo series
with the wonderful Marie
appeared in the magazine
"The Griffin"

Produktfoto Seife Seifenschale Naturkosmetik Kosmetikprodukt von Camillo Büchelmeier

The wonderful soap dishes

by OBA STUDIOS (Berlin)

in combination with the natural soaps from I WANT YOU NAKED.

Camillo Büchelmeier Mascara grün
Camillo Büchelmeier Mascara lila
Camillo Büchelmeier Mascara blau
Camillo Büchelmeier Mascara schwarz

This series of shots was created as part of a collaboration between THE ORIGINAL COPY and SHISEIDO and was published as an advertorial on their blog and Instagram channel.
Are you planning to work with a large, international brand? I offer you such editorial shoots to position yourself in a high-quality way.

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